Many of us, once we begin to feel a connection to the Shambhala Centre of Mississauga, want to know: How can I support the activities of the centre?  What’s involved in becoming a member?

First of all, there is no requirement to join as a member. Almost all of our activities are open to anyone, though some classes and programs do have prerequisites. Meditation instruction, public meditation, and many of our introductory offerings are offered without charge, though donations are certainly appreciated.

That said, here is some information about membership: Membership is a commitment to supporting and strengthening our community through meditation practice, helping with the expenses, and donating some time to help out at the centre.  There is a lot of flexibility, as we all have times when money or time is in short supply.  But as members, we do what we can to contribute in some way to the running of the centre.

We are a growing community of 60 members.  We sustain ourselves (rent, expenses) primarily through donations and monthly member contributions.  A small percentage of our income (about 5%) is donated to Shambhala’s international office, which in turn provides large international programs, community development, teacher authorization, and so on. In joining the Mississauga centre as a member, one also becomes a member of the international Shambhala community.

To become a member open the Membership Form tab, or to find out more about it, please contact Ann-Jean Lennox at [email protected]

Members of the sangha support one another and care for one another. They are not perfect, but they inspire us because they are people who want to deepen their practice of mindfulness, awareness and compassion. When we practice together, the sangha helps our discipline. We realize that there are other people around who are going through the same thing. That gives us a feeling of encouragement.
– Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche