7pm Wednesday Open House - Public Meditation Sitting & Free Meditation Instruction

October 18th (2017)

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    Mississauga Shambhala is a warm, welcoming community of all ages, backgrounds, and cultures. 

    Group Meditation:

    Our regular group meditation sittings are silent, shamatha/vipassana for one hour, with a walking meditation halfway through.  Meditation is followed by a tea break and a one-hour informal talk and discussion about how to use mindfulness skills to meet life’s ups and downs with a strong and pliable mind and an open heart.

    Wear loose, comfortable clothing. Meditation cushions are provided. No experience necessary, no need to register ahead of time, just show up!

    Donations are welcomed, we are all volunteer, non-profit and rely on donor support.

    Free Meditation Instruction:

    Perhaps you’ve decided you wanted to learn to meditate, or you’ve tried it on your own but have difficulties or questions. We offer free meditation instruction in an environment with other new people. Not just for “new” meditators, instruction is also recommended as part of our ongoing practice.

    Our trained meditation guides will provide you with all the information and structure you need for your meditation practice.

    Depending on a student’s interest and experience, meditation instruction might include:

    The practice of meditation – Meditation instruction presents the basic meditation techniques taught in the Shambhala community. We offer introductory instruction to newcomers and follow-up instruction to other practitioners. You are always welcome to come in and speak to an instructor about your regular practice and you may even ask to form a working relationship with the instructor of your choice.

    Clarifying the view of meditation – In our tradition, meditation instruction involves more than the communication of a technique; it is, at heart, about the transmission of the revolutionary view that unconditional wisdom and compassion are the very ground of our being, and that by learning to relax more and more fully, we allow this fundamental nature to flower.

    Instruction on working with obstacles to meditation – Common obstacles to meditation include disheartenment, resistance, procrastination, discursiveness and spacing out. The obstacles are well documented in the Shambhala Buddhist teachings—and so are their antidotes.