Sunday Morning Open Group Sitting Meditation plus Free Meditation Instruction

August 4th—December 29th

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    Group Sitting Meditation

    in a separate space with others interested in developing a regular meditation practice.

    You’re invited to drop by any Sunday morning, no need to register, just show up and you’ll receive a warm welcome!

    Every Sunday group meditation is at 10:00am - 11:00am for one hour of silent shamatha meditation, with walking meditation half way through.

    Following that at 11:00am - 12:00pm we have tea, cookies and an informal talk related to meditation practice. You are welcome to stay for all or part.

    We are a warm welcoming community of all ages, backgrounds, and cultures, who want to bring meditation into our lives. Our Meditation Centre is a source of support and encouragement for everyone exploring the richness and challenge of meditation practice.

    Donations: We are an all-volunteer group who rely on donations to fund our Centre. We gratefully accept donations of any amount, big or small. You'll see our Donation Box where we serve tea.